Current Situation

Hey guys! I felt like blogging today so, here we go!

I would like to fill you in on what I am currently doing, in terms of school and work etc. So June 2016 I graduated from high school, and at that point I was just really done with studying. I was happy because I made it, but on the other hand I kinda felt worn out. But my mom urged me to start studying that following September, so I did…

Bad discision. Because when I had to choose my next study, I was already so busy with trying to get good grades at high school. I made the discision to start a study called ‘Medische Hulpverlening’ way too quick, and after only a hundred days I quit the study. I’ve learned from this and it won’t happen again as I’ll follow group courses to find a study that fits my talents, interest and personality. I’m starting those courses this January 16th.

My next study will probably start September 1st, because almost every study starts on that date. I want to be motivated, and in order to get there I figured that I should start by getting a job. Since November 2016 I’m a volunteer at a Care Center and I love working with those people. I usually shop with a lady who has suffered brain damage when she was born. But now I’m looking for a paid job, and probably it’s gonna be at a florist as a friend of mine works there too.




Building I volunteer at


And that’s it, that is my current situation regarding school and work. I’ll add this post to a new category called ‘Work and Study’.

XOXO Brigitte


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