Depression is real

Alright everyone, today’s post is going to be a bit…different.

On December 30th 2016, a 12 year old girl named Katelyn Nichole Davis live streamed her own suicide. The reason for her suicide was, in her own words, because she thought she was worthless, not good enough, not pretty enough and nobody cared about her. You can read about her home situation on her blog (look up: Diary of a broken doll).

Depression is something I myself have dealt with. I used to cut my wrists with a knife, and thought about suicide lots of times. With time, I got myself to talk about it with my mom, grandparents and boyfriend. They helped me get out of my depression. I still suffer from social anxiety, but I’m working on improving that also.

If you suffer from depression and suicidal thought, please, just please talk about it with someone. Doesn’t matter who, but try to talk about it with your parents first. They most likely had no idea about you being depressed, because most people tend to hide it. Do it NOW, before it is too late. Thank you.

XOXO Brigitte


Rest In Peace, Angel ❤



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