Favorite Artists

Hey! Today, I want to talk about my favorite artists who’s music I listen to very frequently. It’s not like a top 10 or something, it’s not in order from who I like least to who I like most. So let’s begin!


Bruno Mars, he is one of those artists that can make you feel like crying with his songs, or feel happy as ever. His songs range from emotional love songs, to funk. I don’t know much about him personally, but I do know he’s a really funny guy and I love that.




BASTILLE, my favorite band! Their music is so unique, and they’re all so talented,  you won’t find any band like them.They’re from the UK, and they’re accent is just too adorable. Dan (man on the left) is the lead singer of the band. I mean, just look at them! How can you not love them? I listen to their music every day.



Shakira, this woman! She is in my opinion the sexiest female artist of the world. Even at her age (she’s close to 40 years old). She sings in Spanish and English, I prefer her singing in Spanish because I think it suits her better. She translates her English songs to Spanish a lot of times.


Paul van Haver AKA Stromae, is a French-Belgian singer and dancer. He’s been making music since he was about 19, but he got famous after ‘Alors on danse’. His newest album is called ‘Racine Carrée’ and it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever owned. Every song is so unique, no one ever made music and lyrics like his. His music is very upbeat dancy most of the time, and the lyrics extremely clever (they make you realize things you never even thought about). He’s currently taking a break.


Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I think he is. I’ve watched tons of documentaries about this man, and let me tell you, he is just extraordinairy. Of course, a lot of people think he was a weirdo and a pedophile (I don’t), but let’s all agree on this: he was and always will be the greatest of all time.


Coldplay, another UK band. I love their music, it’s a band that just keeps getting better and better. When I was younger I only knew them from the song ‘Viva la Vida’, but then their new albums came and I heard ‘Magic’ and ‘Paradise’ etc. I began to fall in love with them. My favorite song however is ‘Every tear is a waterfall’, such a piece of art!


Avril Lavigne, used to be a tomboy, releasing songs that were (in my opinion) a bit emo ish. Then her girly side took over and her looks did change a lot. To be honest, I love both sides of her because she is still herself. Her voice is angelic, she can reach really high notes. She’s been ill for a little while with Lime Disease but she is on the road to recovery, good for her!


Well, that was it for today. Now you know what kind of music I listen to 😉


XOXO Brigitte



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