Taking my blog in a different direction…

Hey! Long time no see.

As you guys probably noticed, I don’t upload anything anymore. And to be honest, there’s no other reason for it than just the fact that I didn’t know what to upload. I browsed the web for ideas but could find none that suited me. So I came up with something myself.

Not too long ago I found out about an app called ‘Aliexpress’. And holy hell, how did I never know about it?! It’s a damn gem, everything you want you can order, and cheap if you like.

So what I’m gonna do is review items I got from there starting…well when my last order comes in. I’ll take pictures, style the items, review  the quality etc.

So that’s all, hopefully my order comes quick so I can begin the reviewing!
XOXO Brigitte


Author: brigitteslifeblog

No better you than the you that you are.

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