My thoughts on work and money


I’ve been away for a pretty long time (I’m sick as always)  so I thought I’d discuss a little thing I’ve been thinking about lately; work and money.

See, these are things I tend to avoid cause personally I don’t think I’ve ever worked hard enough, and when I worked I worked as a volunteer which means I didn’t get paid. Also, I don’t have an interest in buying from any brands that are really expensive. Brands are just brands, it’s quality that matters to me.

So sometimes I get annoyed when well known and the more subscribed  youtubers show off products they have bought, usually they call their videos ‘hauls’ and basically it’s like 10 mins of them trying on or showing clothes, perfumes, shoes etc that they recently bought somewhere. Most of the time I really like those videos cause I like to see what kind of clothes and stuff is out there for me to take a look at, but then I browse the websites they got the products from and…

Let’s just say these items that they have are litterally for people that make a looooot of money. Now, I am a person who would be willing to work (just for a part time job until next summer) at least 4 days a week 8 hours a day. Even if I did that, I still wouldn’t go out and buy a $950 designer bag ‘just to treat myself’. Always concider how other people feel about this. Some people are handicapped and can’t work, what if they see your videos and get sad because they know they’ll never be able to compete?

I don’t want to say ‘shame on you for buying expensive things’ to these youtubers, but seriously why not do an affordable haul? If you have the money to treat yourself on 3 products that already cost $2000 then obviously you could buy some affordable things to show in a haul, so people can actually enjoy buying the same products they have bought.

That’s all I have to say about that. Hereby I would also like to announce that on the last day of each month I will be doing a ‘Monthly Favorites’. Just to show you guys how affordable things are and still are of good quality and they’re just fun to have and use.

Look out for one more post tonight 😉

XOXO Brigitte


I’ve been sick…


If you were wondering why I haven’t been active lately, I’ve been sick, again. I get sick very often, cause I have a very poor resistance when it comes to bacteria and stuff. It sucks. My goal is to lose 20 kg and I don’t want all this sickness to stand in the way of my goal. And I won’t let it get the best of me, because I know I’m stronger than that 🙂 .

In the meantime I haven’t been doing anything really, exept for writing some job applications. I’ve sent applications to three hotels in the area, I would love working in a hotel!

So, no posts other than this one today 😦 . But to make up for the lack of posts I will try and post 2 things tomorrow (to give you a hint; it has to do with my room and the other with beauty).

Hope you are all doing well! What was the last time you were sick and what was it?


XOXO Brigitte

In The Night, In The Dark


Every night around 11 pm, I take a 25 min walk with my mom and my dog. At night everything seems a little bit prettier, and creepier which I love. I decided to snap some pictures of the nighttime in Zwartewaal.


So this picture right here might seem a bit familiar if you’ve read my post ‘Bowling’. This is the street I live in, I’ve lived here for 10 years now. Even now I still feel like this view will never get old, I really love the place I live in, even though there’s not much to do. Our city doesn’t have a mall, nor any other kinds of centers where I like to hang out or whatever. We’ve got one café, one grocery store, one garage, one snack bar, a tennis court and a soccer field. And that’s just about it 🙂 . But I don’t mind, because look at this place!


It was a foggy night last night, so excuse my phone’s flashlight for reflecting the fog and making my pictures look so bad, oops. I’m planning on buying a REAL camera when it’s my birthday the 15th of March. Then again, I might only do this if it’s worth it, meaning if you guys are even interested in my blog haha. I like this alley, because of the lenght of the apartments on each side of the road. Does it creep you out? Good, because that’s exactly what it was meant to do 😉 .


The fact that people still have their Christmas decorations up makes my mom and I feel like we’re not those weirdos of the village that can’t let go of the Christmas spirit yet, so that’s nice. There’s parking lot at those street lights, which looks golden cause of all the yellow light, how fancy.

The reflection of the lights on the street tiles was a nice thing to capture on photo, I think


This is a cute little park located behind the parking lot you saw in the previous picture. Not so cute at night, is it? Big trees always catch my attention, especially at night. Reminds me a bit of the Slenderman game, although there wasn’t a creepy note on this tree unforunately 🙂 .

After snapping these 4 pictures, I got lost in a conversation with my mom (happens all the time), and forgot about taking more pictures, SORRY. We’ll save it for another post 🙂 .

Do you like creepy things? Do you like the nighttime or daytime better?


XOXO Brigitte


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello everyone! Happy belated New Year! I’m really excited to finally start my very own blog. I’ve been thinking about it all of 2016 and now that it’s 2017, I decided to finally do it.

So let’s start by  properly introducing myself.

My name is Brigitte and I’m 18 years old. I live in a small town called Zwartewaal, which lies in a little country called The Netherlands. I live with my parents, my sister and my sister’s daughter. Also, I own a sweet dog called Rocky.






The reason I got so into blogs is actually because of one girl who I really look up to. Her name is Marzia Bisognin. She is a 24 year old woman who started out as Cutiepiemarzia on YouTube, but she changed her username to Marzia recently. Be sure to check her out if you love fashion, home decoration, and all sorts of fun stuff! I found out about her having a blog and although I don’t really like reading, I found myself reading her and other people’s blogs for hours on hours, which is crazy for me haha.

My life is pretty calm and standard, I like to take each day as it comes. I have a lot of hobbies, such as painting, singing, and going out with friends. These daily things I enjoy are the things I plan on talking about with you guys on this blog.

Just a quick little detail; I don’t own a professional camera of any sort, so I just take pictures with my Phone (it’s quality being quite good). Also, for all the Dutch people out there who might be reading this and think “How is this girl’s English so good?”, that’s because my dad is actually from England and he taught me to speak and write English since I was really little. And most importantly; lots of people speak English and I want people to be able to read and understand my blog 🙂

So that’s it for my first post, if you think this was interesting be sure to follow me here and also on my social media! I’ll try to post on this blog weekly but I can make any promises just yet.

XOXO Brigitte