Hey! This weekend I wanted to surprise my boyfriend so my mom and I decided the three of us should go bowling. And it was a lot of fun! Let’s talk about the day.

So right now it’s so cold where I live, 2 degrees celcius :O I personally hate cold weather, so you’ll barely see me outside on these sort of days haha.


My garden with our real life Christmas tree!




And there was actually some snow in the streets! That’s the one of the things I do like about winter time. It was like a slippery mix of snow and ice though, so not the real deal. Also, it rained and it was ice cold rain, yuck. Welcome to the winter in Holland everybody 🙂


When we got there, the lights were still on to my disappointment. But when we started at 4 pm the lights went off, and the neon lights came on 😀 We had something to drink, and talked about lots of things throughout the 3 games we played. Here are the results:


My nickname is Pie, Monica is my mom and Raymond is my boyfriend.


So overall I think I did pretty well, we are very competitive people so we couldn’t stand all the gutter balls we had 😡


We ended the games at 5 pm, and we ate some food there too. Then we headed home. Such a fun day! I love spending time with the people I love, some people find this cheesy, but it makes me happy.


XOXO Brigitte