Weekly Workout Routine


I’ve been more sick than I thought I was and I was planning to upload this post Friday night, but obviously that didn’t work out so I’m doing it now. I did have a nice weekend, however. I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and we watched The Bye Bye Man. Really creepy, yet a typical horror movie. It was nice but I don’t think it was worth spending money on. I’m waiting for the movie ‘Split’ to come out now 🙂 .

As you all know, I want to lose 20 kg this year. My mom wants to lose 10 kg.

I work out at the gym at least once a week and we stay for about an hour. I took some pictures and I thought it’s be nice to share my routine. Let’s begin!


I start of by cycling every time. I do this for 20 minutes and I like to do 10 minutes of ‘alpine pass’ and 10 minutes of ‘random hill’ both at level 6


After that I walk stairs and every week I choose a different building. Today I climbed the Taj Mahal (about 350 steps) at level 6.
Then I move on to muscle training and start off with lifting these weight (2 kg and 25 lifts per arm).
Then I do 10 benchpresses lifting 10 kg of weights (I know it says 2 kg on the weight but I took a pic before changing it to 5)



This thing was new to me. Basically you pull the ropes down with your hands and it trains your arms and back. I pulled down 32 kg 50 times, and yes, I felt the BURN.



I don’t know what this device is called but it works out your thighs. As all people who are a bit overweight know, fat on your thighs can lead to sores when they’re wet or moist and it’s the worst feeling ever. I never skip this one and I do 18 kg 50 times.



And that’s it, an hour of working out a week really does make a change. It keeps me fit and my endurence level gets better and better.


XOXO Brigitte


Shower Routine

Hey! I’m pretty sure that showering is one of my favorite hobbies, I’m one of those people that says to themselves “Okay, let’s take a quick shower, 15 mins tops”, and then taking a shower for at least 30 mins (contemplating life and having conversations with myself is usually the cause of this lmao).

I thought it’d be nice to let you guys in on what products and brand I usually use when I shower, and after. So let’s begin!

Before I shower I always brush my hair, as it tangles all the time. 20170104_164912

Then I use this makeup remover by Nivea, it doesn’t sting and it’s very water-based so my skin doesn’t get oily when I use it. Also, it just works really well for me because it removes every type of makeup.


After that I go into the shower and wash my hair with an Andrélon shampoo, that stimulates the volume of the hair. This is my favorite Andrélon shampoo, cause my hair tends to have no volume at all if I don’t blow dry it after taking a shower, and sometimes I just don’t feel like blow drying my hair cause I read it dries out your hair.Then I brush my hair again, and then use a conditioner (this one happens to be one by Shwarzkopf). I don’t have any preference of conditioner because they all work the same for me. After that I brush my hair again XD. I wash my body with this shower gel from ‘I love…’. In the picture this one doesn’t look all that big but trust me, it really is. Also it has a really strong scent that reminds me of the tropics. If you don’t like strong scents for showering, don’t buy any of this brand 😉


When I’m done taking a shower, my skin smells nice and all, but I like to take extra care of it. I use a lot of body lotions and cremes, but this is by far my favorite. Reasons for that are 1: it has a really nice scent that last pretty long, say 4-5 hours. 2: it makes my skin feel litteraly like velvet, so soft! 3: it doesn’t take long for it to draw into my skin. Now, I’m not saying this works for every skin type but I would definately recommend this body creme! Oh and by the way, it’s not for your face 🙂

Well, that’s it for today! I hope someone out there found this helpfull and maybe someone has any nice products they use and would recommend? Leave some in the comments below if you like 🙂


XOXO Brigitte