In The Night, In The Dark


Every night around 11 pm, I take a 25 min walk with my mom and my dog. At night everything seems a little bit prettier, and creepier which I love. I decided to snap some pictures of the nighttime in Zwartewaal.


So this picture right here might seem a bit familiar if you’ve read my post ‘Bowling’. This is the street I live in, I’ve lived here for 10 years now. Even now I still feel like this view will never get old, I really love the place I live in, even though there’s not much to do. Our city doesn’t have a mall, nor any other kinds of centers where I like to hang out or whatever. We’ve got one café, one grocery store, one garage, one snack bar, a tennis court and a soccer field. And that’s just about it 🙂 . But I don’t mind, because look at this place!


It was a foggy night last night, so excuse my phone’s flashlight for reflecting the fog and making my pictures look so bad, oops. I’m planning on buying a REAL camera when it’s my birthday the 15th of March. Then again, I might only do this if it’s worth it, meaning if you guys are even interested in my blog haha. I like this alley, because of the lenght of the apartments on each side of the road. Does it creep you out? Good, because that’s exactly what it was meant to do 😉 .


The fact that people still have their Christmas decorations up makes my mom and I feel like we’re not those weirdos of the village that can’t let go of the Christmas spirit yet, so that’s nice. There’s parking lot at those street lights, which looks golden cause of all the yellow light, how fancy.

The reflection of the lights on the street tiles was a nice thing to capture on photo, I think


This is a cute little park located behind the parking lot you saw in the previous picture. Not so cute at night, is it? Big trees always catch my attention, especially at night. Reminds me a bit of the Slenderman game, although there wasn’t a creepy note on this tree unforunately 🙂 .

After snapping these 4 pictures, I got lost in a conversation with my mom (happens all the time), and forgot about taking more pictures, SORRY. We’ll save it for another post 🙂 .

Do you like creepy things? Do you like the nighttime or daytime better?


XOXO Brigitte