Weekly Workout Routine


I’ve been more sick than I thought I was and I was planning to upload this post Friday night, but obviously that didn’t work out so I’m doing it now. I did have a nice weekend, however. I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and we watched The Bye Bye Man. Really creepy, yet a typical horror movie. It was nice but I don’t think it was worth spending money on. I’m waiting for the movie ‘Split’ to come out now 🙂 .

As you all know, I want to lose 20 kg this year. My mom wants to lose 10 kg.

I work out at the gym at least once a week and we stay for about an hour. I took some pictures and I thought it’s be nice to share my routine. Let’s begin!


I start of by cycling every time. I do this for 20 minutes and I like to do 10 minutes of ‘alpine pass’ and 10 minutes of ‘random hill’ both at level 6


After that I walk stairs and every week I choose a different building. Today I climbed the Taj Mahal (about 350 steps) at level 6.
Then I move on to muscle training and start off with lifting these weight (2 kg and 25 lifts per arm).
Then I do 10 benchpresses lifting 10 kg of weights (I know it says 2 kg on the weight but I took a pic before changing it to 5)



This thing was new to me. Basically you pull the ropes down with your hands and it trains your arms and back. I pulled down 32 kg 50 times, and yes, I felt the BURN.



I don’t know what this device is called but it works out your thighs. As all people who are a bit overweight know, fat on your thighs can lead to sores when they’re wet or moist and it’s the worst feeling ever. I never skip this one and I do 18 kg 50 times.



And that’s it, an hour of working out a week really does make a change. It keeps me fit and my endurence level gets better and better.


XOXO Brigitte